Holiday: How we prepare our luggage stress-free

Holiday – best time of the year. Already long before we have made our arrangements or reservations, got information about our destination and we look forward to the day of departure. 

But how do you handle the last day(s) before you leave? Some people find it easy to pack the luggage the day before, and they might be done after one hour. 

Others keep on thinking what to pack, stress themselves in order not to forget anything and then, on their destination, they find out that they have forgotten some things – the pyjama, for example, or another belt for the trousers, the credit card or whatever. 

We make us of Excel (or another programme will do) in order to prepare our luggage. In the left column we have written down the item; e.g. „flight tickets“ or „mosquito repellent“. In the cell adjacing to it, we give a term to which the item fits, in the two examples it would be „documents“ and „Personal Care and medicine“. Once your list is done, you sort the items according to the general terms,and then you work it: Documents, Personal Care and medicine, Electro, Financial, Clothing, Media, you name it. 

In order to save time and avoid stress, we pack on the week-end if we leave during the week. For this we print our list on sheets. Then we see what we want to pack, take the items and put them right into the baggage. (The first thing to pack is the clothing and shoes as this is usually the heaviest and such is put first into the backpack.) 

We make sure that we work our lists not on sundays. Should we see that something is missing we can buy it in one of the stores nearby. 

Valuables are already in the bank vault, keys for the post box are handed to our reliable neighbours, as well as the keys to our flat.  We are lucky to have extremely well relationships with our neighbours. Once somebody is out of the house, the others take care of everything, keeping the flat manned and a close eye on it. Thanks to our watchfullness in our compound, the personal atmosphere and life  burglary is not an issue – a thing that you must work and care for, however. 

And then, it is done. Of course there are items which you may not pack  now – for example some toiletries that you still may need on the day that you leave, and you do not wish to keep two pieces of different items. In my case it is the shaver and the razor gel.  In such cases, we highlight the items. Then, the next morning, we see at one glance what still must be added into our backpacks. 

This system works well, preparing trips is easier and we consider it to be much more stress-free, but well, to each his own. 

In our case it will be a bit of a challenge. Tomorrow we must be at the airport at 7 o.clock. What luck that Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is only four bus stops away from our home. We will get up at 4.45 a.m.  Too early for you? Yes, but we prefer to start the day relaxed. In hectic you may forget some important items. So, we do it safe and slowly.  And after all, we wish to leave in the best possible mood, and not in stress.

And our holiday destination: We fly to Finland; Helsinki first and from there we continue our trip to a friend who lives in Rovaniemi, Northern Finland, just 5 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. There we will explore Northern Finland and Sweden and then we go down to the old town of Turku, where this year  the annual Eurobilltracker meeting is held. 

Could you get some hints from my report? What would you add or make better? Where do you go on holiday this year?  See and read you soon again. 

Jürgen greets you from Frankfurt-upon-Main


Über oneofhere

Man, born 1967, living in Germany, who likes to interact with people from all over the world. My hobbies and interests are languages, travelling, photographing, writing and Eurobilltracking. More will follow, either here or / and in my blogs.
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