Germany: Glimpses of the day after the World Cup was won

It was great! Our national football (soccer) team has gained the FIFA World Cup for the fourth time, after 1954, 1974 and 1990. While the match of 1990 – also against Argentina – was a dull and undignified one, because the 1:0 was achieved through a simple penalty kick – this year it was different.  Since the day when our team has beaten (up) the Brasilian hosts with 7:1. we were in an estate of inebriatedness. What could go wrong? Nothing. It was next to impossible that we would lose the final match against Argentina, although we certainly should be aware that every match and every opponent is different.

In fact it was a thrilling match in which only one goal was scored again, like in 1990. People watched the match at home, or in the public where large screens were set up, in pubs and bars, or during private barbecue parties. (Due to heavy rains in parts of Germany, this was not always a good idea.)

My Lovely One and me, we were in a Spanish bar – the EscoBar, where we watched the match with many other people, almost everybody clad in white t-shirts and all kinds of accessoires in black, red and yellow. our national colours. Cute to see some foreigners who had taken side with us, too. Most charming was that Indian family of five, all clad in the said clothing and colourings, which really looked exotic and, yes, cute on their dark skins.

Well, we all know the result. Germany is world champion for the fourth time and it is the first time in history that a team from Europe has gained the FIFA World Cup in America. On our way home later that night, many people were in the strees, cheering up and drinking. Very popular are car corsos, where people parade through the strees in long queues of cars, and mostly the cars are decorated in German flags or in other ways in black-red-gold.  Here in Frankfurt, it was peaceful; in other cities the police had more to do with thugs and drunkards, and in Bremen a young man was stabbed to death. (Why?)

Today, when I went by regional train to the office a few towns away, it was a bit more silent. Quite a few people had taken leave so they could celebrate in the night. The electronical news boards in the train station in Frankfurt over and over displayed their gratulations for our team. In the train you could see youngsters clad in German fan-attire and in a state of happiness, drunkenness and tired they hang on the floor and went home. I wonder if one group had made it. They were so drunk that they did not manage to leave the train in time when it had arrived at their destination.

In our company, some ten colleagues were wearing fan-t-shirts, too.  And again this funny mixture: Happiness that we made it after 24 years again, and weariness, because the night was short. Different from me my colleagues had been at work in time but they left early.  On normal mondays, the parking space in front of the building is empty at around 4.45 p.m.. Today, it was half an hour earlier.

Later in the evening, I went to the supermarket just around the corner. Normally, you should try to avoid monday evening for your shopping. And it is true; Until friday there are never more people in it than on monday evenings. But today it was quite empty. Only one person before me at the cash desk. Normally, you have to line up and wait until you can pay.

And so does the day come to an end. Also me, I am still in an estate of joy and „not quite here“. I still have those great pictures of yesterday evening in my mind and I feel hilarious. But it starts taking its toll: Now, while „our boys“ are preparing to board their plane in Rio to fly back to Berlin, my concentration is at a very low level. I am tired and look forward to our bed.

And what about you? Did you watch the matches, too? Were your national teams in Brazil, too? Or what are your favorite sports you support?

Look forward to read from you.


Über oneofhere

Man, born 1967, living in Germany, who likes to interact with people from all over the world. My hobbies and interests are languages, travelling, photographing, writing and Eurobilltracking. More will follow, either here or / and in my blogs.
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