My smoking past Part 3: Rolling cigarettes

During the first few years I smoked cigarettes from the box. In Germany you do not only get them in supermarkets, kiosks or convenience stores, but also from vending machines placed on the sidewalks. (Needless to say that demolition in order to grab the coins inside occur over and over again.)  I have tried many cigarettes and I cannot really say that I had a favorite brand. Of course, frequently there were these red and white boxes in my pocket and very often other ones. 

After a few years we were on winter holidays in the Austrian Alps. (Gries im Sellrain). 

A nice group of Dutch guys stayed in the same guest house that we did. They have smoked, but only self-rolled cigarettes.  They have asked me to try and roll myself.  Well, with two left hands, this was not exactly a success! Until I had finished what looked like a cigarette, the whole party around the table shrieked with laughter.  I took one courageous breath – and probably there was more tobacco in my mouth than in that would-be cigarette.

A few years later I made friends with a guy who rolled his „coffin nails“ (German popular expression for cigarettes) himself. He used a machine in which he stuffed the tobacco, then the sheets and by closing the machine a cigarette turned up.  I have tried with that machine, too, and it went well.  The rolled cigarettes tasted better and more genuine than the ready ones. (The self-made ones had no filters which contain perfume stuff). Moreover, it was cheaper.  Durng a party another guy saw me rolling my cigarettes with a machine instead of hand, and very cool he said: „Dude, you’ve never been in the jailhouse, right?“  Fatter-of-mactly, I never was, not even as a visitor. But who cares if I did it by hand or with a machine: I enjoyed them and compared to cigarettes from the box, it was some 30% less money that was blown into the fresh air. 



Über oneofhere

Man, born 1967, living in Germany, who likes to interact with people from all over the world. My hobbies and interests are languages, travelling, photographing, writing and Eurobilltracking. More will follow, either here or / and in my blogs.
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