My smoking past – Part 2: The first few weeks as a smoker

My previous report described my touch with smoking from early childhood, due to smoking parents and how I have become a smoker during my military service in the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces. 

The first two weeks were harmless. My first pack (with 25 cigarettes content) lasted for almost two weeks. It happened that in the evening, after my supper cigarette, I have locked the cigarettes in my locker, saying “Enough cigarettes for today!” The second pack was finished after a couple of days only.

Friday was the time of the so-called “NATO-ralley”: Soldiers have left their barrack stations for the week-end, crowding the trains and the highways.  Until sunday evening we were at home with our relatives and families, girl friends, other friends and else. So my people got to know that I have acquired a habbit which I was not to shake off for almost one quarter of a century.

My mother was not really happy about me smoking, but what could she say? After all, I grew up see her smoking during my first seven years of childhood. Bad situation for a mom.  Judith, my then girl friend, was not happy at all. “Why did you have to start this – do you want to end up like my father?” For ten packs of cigarettes he did not need longer than three days, and that was the maximum time! His voice, fitness and complexion were accordingly, and the other thing…. Well, ask his wife.

My ex-girlfriend ran into me one day in the street while I was smoking a cigarette . She saw it and pointed at it and asked me if I knew what I am doing to myself? (Bla bla bla) And then: “If you would have smoked during our relationship I would not have kissed you anymore.”  At that time I was glad that I had broken up with her one and a half year before because that would have had the effect of a cold turkey: She was a talented kisser! Hardly any girl respectively  woman after her could kiss and lick my lips like she used to do. But in the end she did not care about my smoking. (She had found another boyfriend and I was really glad for her – our separation had hurt her very much. Until today I feel sorry for that but sometimes we leave people who may not really deserve it, if we see it rationally, and we give our hearts to others who in the end are not worth it at all. (Well, that’s another story and probably the very great bulk of you shares such experiences.))

Another reaction was from the band leader of the brass band where I played the drums. He only said “I thought you were gifted with more brains!”

Let us be honest: Starting to smoke is not exactly a masterpiece of mind!
/ to be continued.


Über oneofhere

Man, born 1967, living in Germany, who likes to interact with people from all over the world. My hobbies and interests are languages, travelling, photographing, writing and Eurobilltracking. More will follow, either here or / and in my blogs.
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