This is OneofHere


Hello everybody, 

here I am, sweating over my first words of my very first blog ever!  It is not completely new, however, as in my juvenile times I wrote a dairy during the 1980ies and it is very fascintating to „travel back in time“.Since my times at school teachers and parents alike have found that besides languages, writing is my second talent.  Or to put it in my own modest words, it is indeed one of my likings. To inform you right away on the mistakes that you will inevitably find in my texts: German is both my nationality and my mother tongue, and I live near Frankfurt-upon-Main.  Until to my 11th year -until 35 years ago – I did not speak any English at all!

Oneofhere is not my first choice. It should have been „One of Us“, but system has informed me that this was impossible. No capital letters and only letters, and no space inbetween. „One of us“ is my perspective as being one of us in the world. Nobody really special and not  a rank no-hoper, –  someone like you and me with his or her personality, history, family and cultural background, hopes, dreams, sorrows – all this sort of things that make everyone of us special, particular and unique!

So why write in English? Well, the world has got so  much to discover, explore, offer or see, and interacting in any way with (articulate) people from around the world, people like you, is enriching and broadens the spirituall horizon. For this reason, English will be one of my two languages in which my texts will be written. (Guess what the second language is…)

Jobwise, I work for a small company, and due to its limited size, my tasks are widespread, sometimes a bit too much of this. It includes European regulatory affairs as well as customs affairs,  international distribution, some logistics and management of our articles. Internationality is not exactly what makes up for my job, so here is a chance to make up for this lack. 

My additional languages are French, Italian and Indonesian / Malay, so I am glad to read blogs from all over the world, from different parts of the world, different people(s) and their respective cultural backgrounds, and in their mother tongues. Languages are not only one of my talents, they are also a strong field of interest. The world of languages is as fascinating as can be. (Did you know, for example, that most languages in the world are tonal language, where it is most important to pronounce vowels in perfect length or tone in order not to get it wrong and / or into troubles? And that „the usual suspected ones“ are not only Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, you name these Asians, but also languages in Africa and indigenous languages in North America?) 

Well, there would be so much more to write about me, but let us see. More contributions ahead. Let us see if and what more I will write. Your comments or messages may be further sources of inspiration.  If this weblog of  mine will develop and in which direction and intensity will be left to be seen.  For now, I look forward that after much more than one year of reflecting about doing it or not, I am glad that I „just start doing it“!

Look forward to get into communication with you and to read your comments. 



Über oneofhere

Man, born 1967, living in Germany, who likes to interact with people from all over the world. My hobbies and interests are languages, travelling, photographing, writing and Eurobilltracking. More will follow, either here or / and in my blogs.
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